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Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi everyone! It’s me Jessica … I don’t know about you but I am a pack rat especially when it comes to clothing and shoes. Even though I never wear most of my clothes or shoes I hold on to them for dear life. Maybe, just maybe I might need to wear one of those outfits that have been hanging and if I toss it or give it away then where would I be?

A few weeks ago I sat down and had a good long talk with yours truly. I opened my closet door and looked sheepishly into the jumbled mass that was my wardrobe. As I looked at the closet shelf I realized nothing on it had anything to do with my wardrobe. I pulled down the hat box covered with those cute cherubs I just had to have filled with all of those cute knickknacks I just could not live without. With a sigh I thought off to the Good Will you go.

Next came the stack of magazines I just had to keep. After all they were filled with recipes and articles I felt were too important to toss. They called out recycle me please! Then down to the hangers of clothing I’d crushed. My ego deflated as I pulled out hangers sporting outfit upon outfit that I could not remember the last time I wore. With great trepidation I pulled them all down then folded each garment ever so gently and reverently packed them for their new home. I’ve plenty of room now. There hang only those clothes I know I will wear.

It’s down to the floor to those old shoes and more. I found a child’s swim vest, one child’s old shoe and what looked like someone’s old tattered straw hat. There lay sneakers and flip flops, dress shoes and boots, even sandals that light up when you walk. I found slippers and swim shoes and what was I thinking shoes. I even found rocks. Where’d they come from? Well it’s out with the old and the shoes I don’t use. It’s out with old slippers and that broken umbrella too.

Now my closet is neat; everything’s in its place. It’s time to go shopping for those things to replace!